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China Tightens Controls on E-Cigarettes

FWEO FWEO Mar 14, 2022 337 14

March 14, 2022: China's vaping and e-cigarettes industry witnessed two critical developments on last Friday. First, new detailed regulations entitled "Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes" were released and will be implemented on May 1. Second, the most recent draft of  "Chinese E-Cigarette National Standards" was published and is now open for feedback.


The most influential national standard requirement in the draft document pertains to the design of atomizers. At present, product flavors present in the market mainly include fruit, mint, beverages, tobacco and others. As the draft now requires: " Flavors other than tobacco shall not be offered in products to reduce the appeal of e-cigarettes to the underage."

The United States also has e-cigarette flavor bans in place. FDA issued a flavor ban in 2020, prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes with flavors including fruits and candy, while tobacco and menthol-flavored products can continue to be sold. This ban was mainly to combat the troubling epidemic of youth e-cigarette use, as most teenage users, according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS), selected fruit flavors.

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